Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart Jake Ryan

Call to mind the scene in which Jake Ryan is lying on his bed quietly contemplating Samantha Baker, the girl he just can't seem to get his mind off. And then there is Samantha herself, sleeping on her family's sofa yet wide awake in the middle of the night only thinking about one thing: Jake.

Yes folks, it's Valentine's Day. And while some of us don't resonate very well with this over-commercialized holiday with all its loaded expectations there is one thing we all can relate to: that all-consuming preoccupation with another person. We can all relate to Jake and Samantha in that one scene. That feeling of feeling like you are ridiculous for even thinking about someone else so much and that shred of hope that somehow someway they could be thinking of you too. And the thrill that brings with it. That longing and pining that is so hard to shake.

Well we know we are not the only two girls in the world to feel this way, not counting Samantha Baker because she is afterall, fictional. We know we are not the only two because we started this blog for our own amusement, a way to track our quest for Michael Schoeffling and what we have discovered has blown us away. So far our skimpy little blog has attracted people from seventy countries to glimpse our words. Seventy countries!!! People far and wide all over our planet are wondering what ever happened to Jake Ryan? to Michael Schoeffling?
Because we can all relate to that scene. So on this holiday of red hearts we hope you all feel a little less alone knowing that we are all connected.