Saturday, September 5, 2009

Table Talk

So two things have occurred to us lately. We are in birthday mode around here and that got us thinking. How fun would it be to recreate with someone special that famous scene from Sixteen Candles- when Jake and Samantha are sitting on top of Jake's table, a birthday cake ablaze between them and the famous kiss as they carefully lean in towards each other for that oh-so-anticipated moment! That scene forever burned in the minds of women everywhere as one of the most romantic, most perfect movie-ending kisses EVER. Well, it got us thinking about tables. It is a bit funny they are sitting ON the table. A couple possible reasons come to mind. First, Jake's house is so trashed from the raucous party the night before it is quite possible the chairs were all destroyed. Or more likely, Jake Ryan's wealthy family simply owns such an enormous table that it would not have been intimate enough to sit far away from each other. Will we ever know? But what we do know is that there is no way our dining room table could hold the weight of two people sitting atop it. It is an old antique table passed on from our mother's family. In fact every time our dear mother visits she makes strange noises with her throat if there is so much as an elbow leaning heavily on the table. So the reality would be the table would surely collapse during any sort of romantic reenactment, the candles on the cake would light something on fire and the commotion would, without a doubt, wake up the children. So there you have it. We definitely need a sturdier table. And who better to build it for us? Michael Schoeffling of course!
And that brings us to our next thought, furniture makers in Pennsylvania. The first thought that occurs to most people (other than fellow Michael Schoeffling fans) is of course, the Amish. Now this is a very curious thought. We don't know much about the Amish but we do know that the limelight and modern day media are not synonymous with their culture. And that they are well known for making beautiful (sturdy) hand crafted furniture and that many of them call Pennsylvania home. Hmmmmmmmm..........


  1. Sorry, my dears, what comes to mind is more practical than romantic. How to create the ultimate final image of the two kids kissing over her birthday cake? If two people bent to kiss each other over a lighted cake they would crisp their chins and singe their eyebrows unless they were elevated above it. The logistics preclude seating them on chairs at table height. Wow! Inspiration! Have them sitting informally, childishly, intimately, naughtily, uniquely ON the (sturdy) table!
    p.s. Na, na, I have a VERY sturdy solid oak harvest table and my birthday is next week and I know the perfect man with whom to celebrate....

  2. Do you think if Jake Ryan started selling tables on TV that he would only allow you two buy a maximum of 2 at a time like the Amish Fireplaces!?

  3. Pennsylvania... furniture... complete anonymity... he HAS to be Amish!! He probably doesn't even own a computer.... would LOVE to catch a glimpse of his hunkiness in those little slacks and suspenders.